By Stilic Force



Receive 16 Steel connectors, choose your segments and easily mount this Hyperdome.
Assembly time: 2 people in 2 hours.
Unleash your creativity by covering it with the desired material.... to give it the chosen function: a greenhouse? A sweat lodge? A gantry?
You can also mount a single dome with the same kit!
Depending on the pieces of wood you have at your disposal, its height is from 1m25 (50 cm segment) to 7.50 m (3m segments)!
Recommended wood cross-section: treated pine beam 50 x 50 mm / Recommended screws: post bolts 5 x 60 or lag bolts 5 x 40 mm.

Rustproofing treatment.

Ideal for a garden shed, an aviary, an outdoor bar, an original stand...

Silver tray from the Lépine 2016 competition.

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