Understanding the pinhole effect.

Several of our concepts such as Zoomer, Binok or Line of sight are based on the pinhole effect, which is why it seemed useful to us to explain this phenomenon.

The pinhole effect, also known as the pinhole effect, can be observed in various contexts, including human vision but also in photography. Here is an explanation of the principle of the pinhole effect and why presbyopes can see clearly through small holes:

Principle of the pinhole effect:

The pinhole effect relies on the concept of a narrow aperture or small hole through which light passes. When light passes through a very narrow aperture, it experiences diffraction, that is, it bends as it passes through the aperture. This creates a pattern of light and shadow on the other side of the opening.

Why do presbyopes see clearly through small holes:

Presyopes, who typically have difficulty seeing up close due to loss of flexibility in the eye's lens, may notice an improvement in their near vision by looking through small holes. Here's why it works:

Reduction in the amount of light: When looking through small holes, the amount of light that reaches the retina is reduced. Less light means there is less contrast between illuminated objects and darker areas, which can make vision sharper for presbyopes.

Increased depth of field: The pinhole effect reduces the amount of light entering the eye, increasing the perceived depth of field. This means that objects at different distances can appear sharper at the same time, which is beneficial for near vision.

Reduction of aberrations: The small holes can help reduce certain optical aberrations that are more pronounced in presbyopes. This can contribute to sharper vision.

It is important to note that this technique is not a perfect solution and does not correct vision problems related to presbyopia permanently. However, it can temporarily improve near vision by reducing the amount of incoming light and changing the way light travels through the eye.

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