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To keep your soap dry!

SavOsec: a great solution to keep solid soap dry

3 SavOsecs in this kit with a nice instruction manual and the photo of the inventor.

Available in polypropylene (white) or vegetable (translucent).


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SavOsec - Keep Your Soap Dry and Save Money | La Boutique du Futur

SavOsec - Keep Your Soap Dry and Save Money

About SavOsec

Everyone knows the frustrating problem of soap that dirties the sink and melts away for no reason.

SavOsec is a small tripod that attaches to your soap, preventing it from melting in the sink. It maintains a layer of air under the soap, keeping it dry!

The package contains 3 SavOsec units, along with instructions. SavOsec is available in white polypropylene and eco-friendly translucent plant-based plastic.


SavOsec allows for significant soap savings and zero waste! In just a few seconds, equip the soaps in your home and forget about the hassle of sticky soap.

You can even replace your bottled shampoos with natural soaps equipped with SavOsec without worrying about making a mess in your bathroom.


"I was tired of the wet and pulpy soap dish where the soap melted (despite the holes). Since I installed SavOsec, the dish is dry and spotless... and if a child puts the soap next to it, it's okay: it doesn't stain. In short, it's fantastic!"

- Anaïs, Paris.

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Data sheet

Recyclable polypropylene
3 x 3 x 0.8 cm
New product