• The glasses that give a face to your blisters.
  • 2 pairs of glasses included in this kit!

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DR BULB - Mini Lampshades for Bulbs | Unique Decor

DR BULB - Mini Lampshades for Bulbs | Unique Decor

Are your bulbs bare and leaving you in the dark?

Turn to DR BULB, the world's smallest lampshade!

To remedy this disaster, here's a pair of stainless steel glasses that attach to a bulb in seconds, forming a friendly and unexpected face.

The arms are flexible, allowing easy adjustment onto the bulb.

Two pairs are included in this kit.

You can also find Dr Bulb at Absolutely Design.

Design: Nicolas Trub

Message from the Creator, Nicolas Trüb:

The inspiration for DR BULB, this singular bulb equipped with glasses, originated from the character Gyro Gearloose in the DuckTales comics. It's worth noting that Gyro Gearloose had an assistant named "Filament" whose head was a light bulb, the universal symbol of a great idea.

My initial thought was straightforward: give a face to a bulb by adding glasses to it. What I hadn't anticipated was that these glasses would also serve to reduce the glare caused by the filament.

This unexpected detail, adding functionality to the object, was the tipping point that encouraged me to bring this product to market. Thus, DR BULB is not just a poetic concept; it also combines practical utility with its original charm.

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