• A transparent column for storing the make-up removal discs.
  • Two strong suction cups ensure a secure hold.
  • And there you have it, for elegant and efficient storage.
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one-year warranty


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Exchange or refund - 15 days.


Made in France


In stock at our Montrouge workshop!


DEMAKER - Practical Storage for Makeup Removal Pads

Your makeup removal pads are often condemned to remain in their original plastic pouch, displaying the brand that detracts from your bathroom's aesthetics.

Thanks to DEMAKER and its transparent column, give them an honorable place in the bathroom!

For example, you can attach DEMAKER to the bathroom mirror and, of course, on any smooth tiles.

The makeup removal pads will dispense one by one.

Two sturdy suction cups ensure the attachment of this tube, which will securely store your makeup removal pads.

Tip: Two small pegs prevent the cotton column from falling.

Technical Information:

  • - PVC suction cups

  • - Recyclable 5/10th lined anti-scratch polypropylene

  • - Aluminum eyelets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I attach DEMAKER to the wall?

Use the provided suction cups for easy attachment to the bathroom mirror or any smooth tiles.

2. What is the storage capacity of DEMAKER?

DEMAKER can hold your complete package.

3. Can DEMAKER be attached to non-smooth surfaces like concrete or wood?

Yes, DEMAKER can, but for this, you'll need to equip it with the SuctionBooster!

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