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The flexible shelf

  • A truly adaptive storage solution.

  • 625 positions to serve you.

  • The shelf that bends to your needs! 


  • one-year warranty one-year warranty
  • Fast delivery worldwide Fast delivery worldwide
  • Exchange or refund - 15 days. Exchange or refund - 15 days.
  • Made in France Made in France
  • In stock at our Montrouge workshop! In stock at our Montrouge workshop!

Fold this Ouishelf shelf according to the organization of your wall...

This shelf is ideal for the kitchen or the bathroom, but it can also be used in the living room.

The unfolded length of this flexible shelf is 120 cm

Its depth is 9 cm which is perfect for storing most books (OuiShelf can carry books up to 17 cm wide)

A 28mm hole allows for the installation of an E14 socket and therefore the integration of lighting!

The designer's point of view

"I have been working for a long time on the question of shelves by prototyping several solutions, but especially by making some for my own use, and my conclusion is formal: a shelf must be narrow in order to give readability and bring volume to the wall surface.

I also insisted on making the brackets disappear, which is perfectly achieved in this model: each shelf becomes the invisible bracket of the next shelf.

At the beginning, the first series of OuiShelf were made of painted steel, which was a problem because the bends tended to damage the paint, but now OuiShelf is made of solid 15/10 stainless steel, which means that it can be transformed several times without any damage.

At home I put them everywhere!

It's fun to install and each time the search for the best configuration is exciting, giving good family discussions!

All in all this is my best contribution to storage design.


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