The anti-capitalist corkscrew!

  • Delivered with its revolutionary stone base
  • Perfect hold of the corkscrew
  • Red colour... Of course.

  • one-year warranty one-year warranty
  • Fast delivery worldwide Fast delivery worldwide
  • Exchange or refund - 15 days. Exchange or refund - 15 days.
  • Made in France Made in France
  • In stock at our Montrouge workshop! In stock at our Montrouge workshop!

Admire this pure product of Soviet art: a corkscrew perched on its revolutionary stand.

Pravda is delivered in its cardboard box with stone block and raised fist, it will be proudly displayed in the dining room... no need to store it in a drawer!

This corkscrew, according to the party doctrine, can even open your beer bottles.

Pravda, Le tire bouchon des prolétaires (The proletarians' corkscrew) was exhibited in the shop area of the "Rouge" exhibition organised by the Réunion des musées nationaux at the Grand Palais, with the success that you can imagine.


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